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  • Professional Launch Bar Tool with many options

    Whats new in version 1.149.04:

    • [Improvement] The preferences (configuration tree) dialog was always scrolling the top Options node out of view, making it hard to find. This top node is now scrolled into view where it is more obvious.
    • [BugFix] Automatic fixing up of form position/size on resolution change was sometimes not being engaged.
    • [Improvement] Clarified onscreen instructions for adding a node that opens a folder.
    • [MinorFeature] The exit menu item on launchbars can be disabled.
    • [Feature] You can now use Ctrl+Shift plus Up,Down,Left,Right when in the configuration tree to move nodes around the hierarchy easily.
    • [Feature] Supports use of environmental variables and %APPDIR% like replacements in command launch arguments (needs testing!).
    • [Feature] An error is now reported if user tries to launch a node pointing to a non-existent file (needs testing).
    • [Feature] Added new maintenance menu item to check entire tree for any filepaths that may no longer be valid (user has option for trying to auto fix them)....

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